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Getting An Ashes Tattoo With Cremation Ashes In Tattoo Ink

For many people, getting a memorial tattoo with cremation ashes in the tattoo ink, is a meaningful way to honour and remember a loved one who has passed away. The process of getting a memorial tattoo with cremation ashes is a deeply personal and emotional experience, and will always be done with care and consideration at Bubblegum Ink ®.

The first step in getting a memorial tattoo with cremation ashes is to consult with us about what your contemplating getting done, the size and where you want it. If need be, we can help you to create a unique design that will honour your loved one and help you to always remember them.

A lot of our clients have never had a tattoo done before, and so we are also here to answer any of your questions about tattooing in general as well to reassure you that you’re making the right choice using the expertise in ashes tattoos associated with the name Bubblegum ink ®.

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Looking To Find A Tattoo Artist To Do Your Cremation Tattoo?

After creating and implementing ashes tattoos every week for over 15 years, it’s safe to say we are very experienced and knowledgeable on the respect, best practice and overall implementation of ashes tattoos. We understand the significance of the tattoo and are always willing to take the time to create a meaningful commemorative tattoo, bringing you and your loved one back together.

Our portfolio is shown on the website ….. PORTFOLIO , and after over 25 years of tattooing in general, we are confident not only that you will get the expertise of the world’s experts in ashes tattoos, but also a high-quality tattoo that you will be proud of for a lifetime. If you are reading this, you have already found the best ashes tattoo expert, probably in the world and the best is exactly what your loved one deserved.

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Tattooing with Cremation Ashes

As well as the care and respect we always show the ashes of your loved one, we also hold paramount the safety and your wellbeing when working with ashes tattoos. We get many a question on if the tattoo is done any different or heals different when using ash-infused ink.

The simple answer is no, the tattoo will look the same and heal the same and due to our use of very high-quality tattooing ink, your tattoo is light fast, meaning it’s not going to disappear the minute you get sunlight on your tattoo or fade. And let’s be honest thats the last thing you want, so we make sure your tattoo will keep you and your loved one together for a lifetime.

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Is It Safe To Put Ashes In A Tattoo For A Memorial Tattoo?

Is it safe to put ashes in a tattoo for a memorial tattoo? At Bubblegum Ink ®, yes. Over 15 years and not one of our clients has every experienced an issue with an ashes tattoo done with us.

Being fortunate to be based near the Astra Zenica research and development HQ in Macclesfield Cheshire, when the first client, so many years ago, asked about us doing them an ashes tattoo, the research showed us that it wasnt a safe thing to do, due to the issues with heavy medicinal and elemental remnants and so much more other issues with ashes which is still ingrained into cremation ashes.

Some of the Astra Zenica research team, who were longstanding tattoo clients at the main studio, took the concept on of creating a safe way to do ashes tattoos and took it upon themselves to research and develop how to do them safely and remove all the associated issues with ashes tattoos. They took the project implementation under their wing and with the amazing technologies for both testing and research they had access to, they came back after 6 months with a set of protocols and custom machinery, tested to their very high standards, (which is to be expected by such a pharmaceutical behemoth) and we then had everything in place to give our clients a safe and beautiful tattoo, where both the respect and care for their loved ones ashes, was also side by side with the safety of doing the tattoo and an ashes tattoo that was safe from rejection and also heals exactly like a regular tattoo.

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You May Be Wondering, Why Do People Put Ashes In Tattoos In The First Place?

In addition to the emotional significance of incorporating ashes into a tattoo, many people also find the process of blending the ashes with the ink to be a quite spiritual experience. This can be a time to reflect on the life of the deceased or to remember them special moments.

Overall, many people choose to put ashes in tattoos as a way to commemorate someone or something special in their lives. This meaningful gesture can help to ensure that the memory of a loved one or them special moment never fade away. The good thing about an ashes tattoo from Bubblegum Ink ®, is your assured that the loved one is always with where ever you go for the rest of your life and that element of their ashes can never be lost.

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Finding The Right Commemorative Tattoo Artist

A standard tattoo artist stating that they can just place some ashes in the pot and mix them up is a recipe for disaster. Your body will reject the implantation of the foreign matter into your skin, as it is still contaminated, as well as the health and safety implications. That is if any of the ashes actually get into the tattoo, in the first place. The ashes will just sink to the bottom and as a tattoo artist always takes up the ink into the needles from the top to avoid getting near the bottom and hitting the bottom of the pot and blunting the needles, exactly where you loved one’s ashes would be, the tattoo needles would not be going anywhere near.

With us, the processed, cleaned, sterlized and inert ashes, are molecularly matched in size to the tattoo pigment molecule size, so when they are infused together, they match in perfect suspension and so the tattoo is perfect harmony of tattoo ink and ashes, so if you can see the tattoo, then your loved one is truly with you.

We also implement other techniques and protocols to make sure the tattoo heals exactly like a normal tattoo.

No one globally can match us for the quality and safety protocols we follow to make sure you get the perfect creamtion ashes tattoo. This is probably why we have over the years been approached by the likes of CNN and the BBC with requests for both interviews with us and our clients, as well as being featured on an ongoing basis in global newspapers for our dedicated work with ashes tattoos.

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Get A Tattoo With Ashes In The Tattoo Ink

If you’re after a cremation tattoo using your loved ones cremated remains, or as some people call them, a “ritual tattoo”, there is no one more experienced in this field, than the experienced artists at Bubblegum Ink ®.

Don’t be surprised though if a response to one of your email or contact form enquiries is not answered instantly. Why? we get a plethora of questions everyday about our service and if truth be known, whilst we strive to answer all our enquires asap, sometime we get lost for time answering the online queries, which takes second place to taking care of the current ashes tattoo client, we may be working with, that day.

When we work with you on the day, we are there for you and you solely to make sure you are as comfortable as possible with both the tattoo design and the tattoo itself and making sure you’re okay, as for many this can be a very emotive experience. A lot of clients want to talk about the loss of their loved one and rightly so, so we are always there to listen and give out support, tissues and hugs if need be or requested.

Some of the more common questions we have added below, including hopefully, answers that help you either understand the process more or give you a deeper meaning about getting an ashes tattoo.

Can You Get A Tattoo With Dog Ashes In Tattoo Ink?

Yes, we work with clients who have lost their beloved 4-legged BFF all the time, actually if truth be known, probably every week, one, if not more, of our clients is with us to commemorate the loss of their loved pet. One of the most common tattoo design aspects when it comes to dog ashes tattoos, is replicating an exact match of their pawprint. Very personalized and by adding your loved ones name, its a truly beautiful tattoo design holding your loved one in the highest esteem, with the unique nature of your loved ones pawprint design.

Add to the fact that we have been featured around the globe when we did an ashes tattoo for David Heyhoe for Treo, a bomb search dog, which served in the Afghanistan war and received medals from the queen, as well as global recognition when a book was written about their life on the front line. There is more to this story on our website …… DOG ASHES TATTOO

Ashes Tattoo

What Are Cremation Ashes Tattoos?

Cremation ashes tattoos, also known as memorial tattoos, are a type of tattoo where we use the ashes of a loved one and infuse it into special formulated tattoo ink. The simplicity of this bespoke service is to keep the memory of a lost loved one alive by having their ashes inked into your skin and in the same breath, making sure the tattoo and ashes integration is safe for the client and will not cause any health implications and not reject. We are proud to say that for over 15 years of doing ashes tattoos we have never had any issues with rejection or and other concern with regards to any of our Ashes tattoos due to our techniques and way we implement an ashes tattoo for our clients.

Cremation ashes tattoos can be done in any style and size, and can be placed anywhere on the body, there are no restrictions, only any natural restrictions for tattoo longevity, which are also applicable to normal tattoos, such as soles of the feet or sides or the fingers. The old saying is, if hair doesnt grow there, a tattoo won’t survive there.

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Tattooing with ashes: What Is Ash-Infused Ink?

As the director, the tattoo artist at Bubblegum Ink ®, will request (at no cost to you) a bottle of preformulated high quality tattoo ink, which has its viscosity matched, to create a standard tattoo ink viscosity when the ashes are infused into it. Too high flow to be used as standard tattoo ink on its own, but with the infusion of the ashes, the viscosity is matched to high quality standard tattoo inks found globally.

On the day of your appointment, as the tattoo ink creation has already been done, we take care of the ashes, reducing, molecular matching, cleaning, sterilizing etc and then put both of the components together to give your perfect ashes tattoo.

A common question is how much ashes does the client need to bring for their tattoo using cremation ashes on the day. We just need a small amount, for the best part a tablespoon will suffice and as stated any ashes we don’t use in the tattoo are always returned to you on the day, so we can make sure that we are always only working with your loved one’s ashes and that every aspect of your loved one you take back with you, either the returned excess or in the tattoo itself.

We know what we are working with and how special and cherished they are to you, so relax in the knowledge that we have years of experience in working with cremation ashes. If the thought of removing, separating or even touching the ashes is not something you’re looking forward to, don’t worry bring them all if you wish, we will take care of everything.

As stated before, on the day of your ashes tattoo, any ashes we don’t use in the process you get back.

Why Are Cremation Tattoos Becoming More Popular?

Speaking from our point of view, we are so well known all across the UK, that when it comes to getting an ashes tattoo, we are always recommended as the UK’s premier reputable tattoo studio when it comes to this stule of tattoo, with our previous clients singing our praises for making the whole process very simple and safe, and also easy to understand, our respect for both the deceased and the client we are working with and our long-standing expertise in this very bespoke field. Add to that, our private dedicated tattoo studio, we are orientated to giving you and your loved one the best service possible.

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Do Memorial Tattoos With Cremation Ashes Look Different Than “Regular” Tattoos?

No, they heal and look exactly the same as a traditional tattoo, that has been done with regular tattoo ink. After our work, both with the ashes tattoo ink and the ashes themselves, the healing process is exactly the same and we always, both walk you through how to look after your tattoo and also give you written instruction in case you forget the simple instructions for implementing the best tattoo care.

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Now you’re know your making the right choice for your loved one and that you are going to be working with the best tattoo studio in this bespoke field, then the simple next step is to get in contact with us. If we didnt manage to answer any questions that are still perplexing you, then feel free to ask away, or if you feel it’s time to get in touch and get booked in for your ashes tattoo with Bubblegum Ink ®, then just get in touch by pressing this link here ……… CONTACT DETAILS or fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

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