Dog Ashes Tattoo

dog ashes tattoo

Having a Dog ashes tattoo has been in the headlines lately. Here at Bubblegum ink ®, it’s us that have been making the headlines.

We had the great honor to tattoo the ashes of Treo the Hero dog into Dave Heyhoe, his handler and super hero. An ultimate dog ashes tattoo memorial.

Here at Bubblegum ink ®, we have known Dave Heyhoe personally, both as a client and as a good friend, for many years. He returned from combat, war beaten and found solace with Treo, in his wife Rachel’s arms.

Treo, the black labrador, was awarded the highest honour medal for valour by the army for his exploits in Afghanistan, saving, with Dave, multiple lives.

ashes tattoo with dog ashes in

Its All About Treo

He slowly fitted back into civvy Street and found the time and fortune to write a book about the exploits of him and Treo in war torn Afghanistan.

It’s all about Treo’, is a fantastic, brutally honest book, where you will be riding a wave of emotions.

The bond that Dave had with Treo was cellular, tighter than most families, so when he said that when the devastating day comes when Treo has to move on and protect people on the other side, then we would be honored to tattoo Treo’s ashes into him.

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Treo and Dave were regular visitors to the shop and over time a great combo became good friends. So when Treo took ill, we re-approached the tattoo concept. It’s a hard discussion when you know that Treo passing would devastate Dave and family.

The Taliban tried everything conceivable to take out Dave and Treo, but old age holds a heavy hand and succeeded where the Taliban failed. Unfortunately Treo passed. Gutted. It’s with a heavy heart, I’ll keep writing. My dogs have played with Treo multiple times, whilst me and Dave have put the world to rights. If you’ve owned dogs then you’ll understand. There is bond so tight with your dog, where hearts are attached. Dave’s best friend has four legs and to see a good friend have no chance of stopping the inevitable is wrenching.

They both saved each other’s life’s as well as each other’s souls. To say I was honored to tattoo Dave was an understatement. We chose the place where Treo always was, both in play and in War. We got a print of Treo’s footprint from a copy Dave had given us and Dave brought the poem in.

The local paper came around on the day. A wooden box is just a wooden box. Until, it’s got the ashes of a recognized hero in, awarded the Dickens medal of honor for Valour. The start of the tattoo was a heavy time.

We infused the ashes with the tattoo ink using our unique technique and after 2 hrs, the tattoo was done. I actually believed Dave felt at ease for the first time since Treo passed. We did no more tattooing that day. Respect is an underwhelming emotion these days, but I have a great respect for Dave and Treo.

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A good friend has shown the ultimate respect to his best friend.

Treo now has a dedicated statue in his honour placed in the war memorial gardens in Congleton, Cheshire. After fund raising enough to commission the bronze statue, Congleton council placed the memorial in pride of place in the gardens.

His Royal Highness Prince Charles came and helped Dave Heyhoe reveal the statue to the waiting public. He also highlighted, even to Prince Charles, his memorial tattoo that had his dog’s ashes.

If a dog ashes tattoo is for you, whether your respect is for a hero, a dog, cat, horse or a person, then don’t hesitate to contact Bubblegum Ink ®, we will treat your passed loved one with the respect that they deserve and you will come away with a tattoo, where your loved one will be with you always.

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We now offer this service to you any where in the world. After years of experience in this bespoke field, we now have a website dedicated to the service of integrating your loved ones ashes into tattoo ink, for our international clients, or UK based clients who can not get to us in Cheshire.

Or contact us at and we will take care of everything in our dedicated, private, tattoo studio. We have been doing Dog Ashes Tattoos for over 16 years, so your working with the dog ashes tattoo experts.

Dogs Are Amazing !

Dog lovers will always have a soft spot in their hearts for their four-legged companions. It’s the fact that, for the most part, we chose them when they were still puppies, raised them through their awful teen years, when they ate everything in sight and wrecked the furniture, and eventually turned them into wonderful companions. Then, when they reached older age, we continued to care for them and talked to them about life as they began to exhibit signs of growing older.

Dogs Have Big Hearts

Dogs are incredible creatures, and they are our secret confidants as well as the best friends of the majority of people.  They never pass judgement or show fear, and they act as our own personal warrior, always prepared to fight our mental and emotional conflicts if necessary. 

A dog has a remarkable capacity for empathy and emotional response, and they mirror the expressions of our own feelings.  That’s why they make such wonderful service dogs and therapy dogs.  You may take the edge off of a stressful day by snuggling up with your best buddy, or you can take pleasure in spending time with them by going for a walk and seeing your dog interact with the world and with you, in an atmosphere that is free of tension. 

Why Is It That They Can’t Just Stay With Us Forever?

However, and this is a significant however, they won’t always be here with us.  Despite the fact that we are all a part of a dog’s life, a dog is also a part of our lives, and at some point in time, nature and preferably very old age will call them, and they will cross the “Rainbow Bridge,” where they will be able to run free as the free spirits that they are. 

dog ashes tattoo

Getting A Dog Memorial Tattoo To Commemorate Your Best Friend

The expectation and hope is that they pass away at a ripe old age, at ease and without experiencing any pain, but as we all know, our lives will be profoundly altered as a result of their passing.  When they leave, they take a big chunk of our hearts with them, just like a shadow that has vanished or an empty area on the sofa that is still ruffled from the time they spent nesting before going to sleep. 

A lot of people get a dog memorial tattoo of their beloved pets by Bubblegum Ink ®, after they pass away, in order to help relieve the pain of losing them and to serve as a constant reminder of their unique four legged friend who will always have a place of honour in their hearts. 

A Dog Ashes Tattoo

Some people opt for a more resolute approach and get a dog ashes tattoo at Bubblegum Ink ® that incorporates the ashes of the dog into the design of the tattoo itself.  This provides solace in the realisation that they will literally be by your side forever. 

The Ultimate Dog Remembrance Tattoo For Your Best Friend

The fact that our clients have a lasting visual reminder of their dog, whether it be a set of pawprints or their name, or other designs, helps to strengthen the link that the dog made with their hearts.  You will be able to get an identical replica of your pet’s paws tattooed on you if you have their feet pressed into moulds or if copies are taken directly from the dog. 

Dogs Steal Our Hearts

It is time to rekindle the friendship between you and your closest buddy, the one who stole your heart.

Because they are so honest with their own hearts, they successfully steal ours. They will greet you with a wagging tail whenever you return, and they will consider any time spent with their closest buddy to be the absolute finest time in the world. Even the old timer, when they are no longer able to stand up, will still wag their tail for you, but you are aware that the clock is ticking.

When the moment comes and you are ready to have the best dog ashes tattoo possible, you should get in touch with the most experienced experts in the United Kingdom at dog ashes tattoos. With over 16 years experince in working with dog owners, your in safe hands.

They can help you make preparations for a dog ashes tattoo that will look great for the rest of your life and let you have your lost beloved with you forever.

If you are based in the UK, then we can tattoo you with your loved ones ashes in a safe and sterile manner, within the comfort of our private dedicated tattoo studio, based in Sandbach, Cheshire, UK. For more details on our UK service, scroll to the bottom of the page and get in touch. 

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