Tattooing Ashes Into Clients

tattooing ashes into clients

The Ultimate Memorial Tattoo

Here at Bubblegum Ink ® we are always in the press for our expertise in infusing cremation ashes into tattoos. Inked, The Daily Mirror, The Metro, The BBC, The Sun and The Daily Mail, to name but a few, all give a lot of coverage to the designs, approach and respect and our ashes tattoo process.

We always have a stream of clients after our expertise in this field, in connecting them forever, back with their lost beloved.

Bubblegum Ink ® has expanded to now work from a well loved private tattoo studio environment. No scary atmosphere, but a private, respectful private appointment only dedicated ashes tattoo studio where you can relax and not be disturbed as you get your loved ones ashes tattoo. Based in Sandbach, Cheshire, we get clients from all over the UK for getting the highest level of quality tattoos and the high level of respect, their lost loved one deserves.

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The true essence of a remembrance tattoo cannot be any higher than having a small part of that loved one with you till you too pass away.


The cremated ashes are brought in and we take small portion of it to put in the tattoo (we need about a tablespoon’s worth). We’ll then process the ashes with a molecular reduction process, Then treat them, sterilize them and remove the micro contaminants that are present in all cremation ashes. This makes sure that even though the ashes have been completely sterilized through the cremation process, the process will ensure we have a safe and sterile product to use. The amount used usually equates to about the tip of a tea spoons worth.

Then the standard tattoo process starts. Design application etc.

The difference comes with mixing the inks. If a thicker ink is used then the mix of the ink and the ashes is a lot more sporadic. (Thats why we control the and create the tattoo ink as well, so we know for a fact that your loved one will Always be with you).  The ashes are put in the ink , which is already prepared to match the molecular size of the processed ashes. 

The tattoo process continues to the end and that’s the only difference. We are very aware that the ink that is left in the pots, still has cremated ashes left in them. So after the tattoo we will put the tip of a tissue into the ink pot. Blood will always come to the top of an ink pot, so the tissue, will, using a wick motion pull any of the small amounts of your blood onto the tissue for safe duty of care disposal by us, everything else is disposed of except the ink caps. The ink that is mixed with the ashes is put on a tissue or a tissue of the clients choice for them to take with them.

The use of prepared inks for ashes tattoos also makes the healing process a lot easier and there is a minimum amount, ( if any ) of scabbing.

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We hope this has given you a brief guide on the ashes tattoo process.

We have tattooed dog ashes into clients, cat ashes, tortoises, pet rats, goats and horse ashes as well, to name but a few. (Dont worry about the size of the ashes particles, as we take care of that for you and make sure the particles are the right size for an ashes tattoo) 

In Conclusion

In Regards To Ashes Tattoos In theory if your beloved whether two or four legged has been cremated, then we can easily tattoo ashes into your tattoo design to make sure your cremation ink tattoo is exactly what you are after and truly contain your loved ones cremation ashes.

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