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Original Ashes Tattoos

Tattoos have been around for 1000s of years, and over the times people have decorated their bodies for various reasons. If you look at the past of tattoo, you will find just how they have transformed at different times. Tattoos functioned as tribal identity, talismans and body art.

The Early Tattoos Created with Ashes from Fires.

The first ‘tattoo designs’ were actually made unintentionally throughout ancient history. It was found out the when people were wiping an injury with unclean soot from the ashes of a fire ( as form of rudementary sterilization), the ashes became encapsulated in the skin and became a permanent mark. After the ‘tattoo’ idea was ongoingly replicated and a lot better comprehended, the rudimentary tattoo designs were improved. Archaeologists had the ability to locate Neolithic bone needles and clay-based ceremonial ashes holding disks, utilized in the impregnation of the soot in to the dermis. These tools were found to have been utilized to mark people people at around 3300 BC.

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Modern Day Ashes Tattoos

Now we have noted the basis that the remants of ashes were used in the first rough concepts of tattoos, many thousands of years ago, we can fly forward to today and whilst a few people still are slightly bewildered byt the concept of ashes infused into a tattoo, thats where the concept of tattooing started. There are huge fundamental differences with todays modern tattoing and approach to beoth sterility and exuction of a tattoo, which is to be wholey expected with the modern advances of tattooing as a whole.

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The concept of ashes into tattoo ink is now a safe process due to extensive research over the years and the refining of the process to ensure safety and stead fast tattoo inks that are not affected by sun or fade over time. This gives the client the reassurance that their loved one will be always with them, throughout their life.

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Clients And Ashes Tattoos

Where did the concept to really refine the art of cremationj ashes into tattoo ink come from ? We were approached by a couple who wanted this done some 12 years ago. Paul from Bubblegum Ink ® has always been one to follow the train of thought, that if your going to do something, then do it the best you can.

So we took the details of the clients and then went on a fact finding mission asnwering all the underlying issues that have abeen present before with rejection of ashes placed in tattoos by other studios and safety factors, as well as tattoo pigment testing to improve staying power and more. Speaking to funeral directors and even watching a full cremation take place, hospital consultants and more. The last piece of the puzzle was having access to the very talented researchers and scientists at Astra Zenica’s buisness park, giving us access to a plethora of the highest grade test and research equipment.

This accumilated in being able to offer the couple a safe and ashes infused tattoo, that hold for a life time and and ashes infused ink that is great for all aspects of tattooing.

We got the couple in a did them a great ashes tattoo each, perfect to honour their Granddad. The next client in worked for the local newspaper and did an off the cuff interview about the process with the couple. Never knowing that the local newspaper was owned by a newspaper conglomorate.

The next day Bubblegum ink ® was thrust, very unwillingly, into the lime light for pioneering their safe and respectful technique for infusing ashes into tattoos.

Ashes Tattoo

At Bubblegum ink ® our permanent due diligence is the clients well being and respect for what we are doing and what we are working with.

We had a high street studio for over 10 years and always closed the studio when ever we did and ashes tattoo for a client, as interactions with everyday tattoo clients and people having very emotive memorial tattoos, were never a good mix, so we always placed the priority on the client getting the ashes tattoo, so they are in a relaxed and calm enviroment.

We have now expanded that even further, as for the past 4 years we have operated from our private tattoo studio that is setup in a very realxed, no pressure enviroment, where we only ever deal with the client at hand, with no interuptions or distraction. This relaxed enviroment has been widley praised with our clients, with many actaully returning and becoming regular clients for normal everyday tattoos.

Ashes Tattoo Clients.

We must be doing something right, as every week we help clients re-connect with their lost loved ones, with a tattoo infused with their loved ones cremation ashes. We use low trauma tattoo machines to make sure even new clients to the tattoo world, have an easy comfortable ashes infused tattoo.

Always there to talk you through the process, as well as at times some reassuring advice if requested on coping with the loss of a loved one, after 12 years as the UK’s industry leaders in ashes tattoos, your in safe expert hands with Bubblegum Ink ®. Just get in touch for more information and help on getting the ultimate memorial tattoo.

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