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Using Emla or Ametop to stop tattooing pain ? Or even buying TXTK from online auction sites, they all use the same technique for better pain free tattoos.

The use of anesthetics to treat tattoo pain If your a bit unsure, or feel that getting a tattoo may test your pain barriers, then you can get an anesthetic from any local pharmacy called EMLA. It costs about £3 – £4. Follow the instructions. the basics are this;

Apply the cream and cover the area in cling film, then tape the edges to make sure that the area is air tight. Because this area of your skin can not breathe, then the pores open and in so letting the EMLA soak in. 

Leave it on for approx 40 to 60 minutes. Make sure it is air tight, as it won’t work other wise and sounds kind of foolish, but if you have wrapped your body part up in clingfilm, make sure blood can still circulate, as other wise that numbing feeling is your arm falling off !

Don’t be fooled into thinking that leaving it on for hrs makes it even more numb. if you leave it on for over approx three hours then it has the reverse effect and sensitizes the area and its a lot more painful. 

Do tell your tattooist that you have applied it, its courtesy and nice for us to know. Also it will wear off once the area has been worked on.  Carry on down the page for another product which is great for use whilst the tattoo is being done. Here is a more concise writeup on Emla :-

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Emla Cream 5% is a local anesthetic cream that can be applied to the skin to suppress the pain of needle procedures. Its formula has been used successfully in GP surgeries and hospitals for years, as well as in the cosmetic industry. 

Emla cream contains prilocaine and lidocaine, two ingredients that numb the skin. (The cream is left on the skin for at least 60 minutes to take effect). The result is one you’ll love – less pain when you have a needle procedure.


Emla cream is a local anesthetic that can be applied to the skin to help suppress the pain of needle procedures. When Emla cream is applied to the skin, the lidocaine and prilocaine prevent pain signals passing from that area to the brain and so numb the skin.

This means otherwise painful procedures can be performed without causing pain. The cream can be used to temporarily numb the surface of the skin before procedures such as injections, taking blood samples and minor skin surgery.

You can apply Emla cream at home, prior to a needle involving procedure, to reduce pain and so make it less distressing for your. .Why use Emla Cream?

If you hate needles your not alone. Approximately 10% of people have a real aversion to needles. We are not sure why this happens, but the physical pain of the needle may create a psychological fear of needles in the future. There are lots common reasons for needles to be used these days. These can include blood testing, blood donation, vaccinations and some minor cosmetic skin procedures.

So if your looking for a less painful needle experience, Emla cream is a great way to help make sure that’s what you get. Over 230 million people worldwide have been effectively treated with Emla and it has been used successfully by hospitals & G.P. practices in the UK since 1996. Pain free tattooing at Bubble gum Ink UK continues.  Vasacaine is a great product to keep the pain at bay.

it carries on where Emla leaves off. If whilst getting tattooed, the area that has already been tattooed is getting painful from continual wiping or grazing o9f the artist hand, or the burning sensation from the tattoo is getting to you, then get the artist to spray Vasacaine on and it will have near instant result. 

It is expensive at approx £30 a bottle on Ebay, so if you want to guarantee the Pain free tattooing process continues, then buy your own personal bottle, check the product is Okay for you, then get the artist to use it on you in bundles ,


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