Pain Free Body Piercing

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You Can Have Pain Free Body Piercing


Using Anesthetics to make body piercing easy for all. Pain free body piercing can be achieved. for some its more of a peevish feeling but for mot it should be pain free.

We have been body piercing for over 18 years and have never had an issue with using pain relief with clients and with this much time served behind us, we always used the best and maximum pain relief with out causing any after affects.

There are two different styles of pain relief and it is used accordingly.

For all external pain free body piercing, we use a freeze spray. There are various brands and styles out there on the open market, but after finding that occasionally when we started using freeze sprays, we would get runs from the liquid form freeze spray, we have over the last decade been using the freeze spray available in a aerosol, much safer and much more precise. The key to great application is to make sure you use it, just till a white frost starts to show, one fast sharp application and the area is numb for approx 30 seconds.

This is used solely for external areas. 

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For internal membrane skin such as tongues, inside of lips for tongue piercings, use Xylocaine, as it’s long lasting a available on various auction websites. If you have any issues with a lidocaine based anesthetic, then just inform the body piercer. It takes a minute or so to work,but gives you a good 3-5 minutes of pain relief.

It may make you dribble a bit if your having your tongue pierced, but the effects wear off very quickly.  Just a note any professional body piercing studio will use anesthetics for all body piercings free of charge and the only thing they shouldn’t apply anesthetic for is for stud piercings. Work on the basis that if kids can have stud piercings and laugh after, then you adults should be fine.

But hey they may be nice and put a bit of freeze spray on for little kids.

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