Now before everyone start flipping their sh?t, there are reasons that there are body piercing limits set by respectable body piercing studios.

JUst because a certain piercing becomes a fad, doesnt mean it s a good idea and maybe, just maybe, have a little think about the piercing first

Some piercings will leave a permanent mark

Tongue piercings can very easily damage your teeth, so try and use plastic ball on the ends of the bar if you are getting this done.

Nipple piercings in young girls or parents that to stop their daughter nagging will let their daugters mutile there nipple, when they are even developed yet.

And now for my pet hate !!

As the nipple is not developed yet, then the milk glands can be severely impacted in the future.  So whilst you parents may be giving in now, your grand children will suffer.

Honestly let them develop first instead of wretching them off to the piercing shop to stop them nagging you.

Would you let some one mutilate your daughter for fashion, when even you think shes still a child?

im not anti-piercing, ive ran responsible piercing studios my whole life, just think things through first, thats all.