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Losing Someone

When you lose someone who is close to you, its a distressing feeling that stays with you.  The realisation that your loved one will no longer be with you, is a hard burden to bear.

The most crippling feeling is the fact that they will no longer be with you.

Must Do:

How to keep them with you ?

Ashes Tattoo

The only thing you too will be buried with are tattoos.  So what if you could place some of their ashes in your tattoo , so they are with you forever.

Bubblegum Ink

We are seen as the international experts of Ashes Tattoos, having done them every week for over 14 years.

Our clients come from all over the UK, trusting our expertise in handling not only the ashes of your loved one, but also making sure you, the client get a safe, and long lasting

Our client Base

Internationally Recognised

We have been featured around the globe for our Ashes Tattoos, both in tabloids, TV and other media formats.

Keep them with you forever

Get an Ashes Tattoo by Bubblegum Ink ® is one of the best ways to keep your lost loved one with you always.

They deserved The Best

You know they deserved the best, so why not use the experts at Ashes tattoos and get the ultimate memorial tattoo for your lost loved one.