Dog Ashes Tattoos

By Bubblegum Ink ®

Our dogs are our favourite companions, our private confidents, who never judge and are always there for you.

so, its not suprising how painful it is when we have to let them go.

we have to make very hard decisions when the time comes, offsetting the pain the loss will cause, when the right decision has to be made for your best friend.

Hard decisions

how do you celebrate their life and the bond you had together ?

bubblegum ink ®

We are experts in dog ashes tattoos and are internationally recognised as the pioneers at this bespoke service.

We work with clients from around the UK

Getting a dog ashes tattoo in a safe and friendly manner, is a great way to celebrate the life you had with your loved one

We treat the ashes to clean them of all heavy metals and medicines etc, creating an inert ash to infuse with our high quality tattoo ink, 

Safe, sterile And More

Celebrate the life you shared, with a dog ashes tattoos from Bubblegum Ink ®.  They deserved the best, so use the best, with the experts at Bubblegum Ink ®