Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

by bubblegum ink

Grief is a very powerful emotion, that a lot of us are not used to and thus it hits us hard.

the feeling of failure

A common deep feeling is that we could of done more and we failed, even when we did everything we could.  This is the self doubt part of grieving.

Another part of grieving is the anger stage, where the world has done you wrong and its not fair for you to be in this situation.

There is the shock stage, where your body goes into self protection mode from all the emotions and refuses to register what has happened.

You never get over it

You never get over the loss of a loved one and this is a very painful thing to accept for so many people.

living with grief

The most powerful approach is to accept that this is an emotional process that everyone at some stage in their lives will experience.

Cry when you need to and never put social stigmas in front of your needs to express emotions.

Grown Men CRy

Even if you the most staunt fella, crying and being upset is a natural part of grieving and one that needs to be expressed before you move forward within the grieving process.

White Bag

That feeling of complete loss is why our bespoke service at Bubbleum Ink ® a lot of people find to be so empowering within the grieving process.

Curved Arrow

We do tattoos that have your lost loved one's ashes infused into the tattoo ink, so they can be with you forever.

We work with clients from around the UK, who come and get the ultimate memorial tattoo and keep their loved one with them forever.