Bubblggum Ink is based in Sandbach, Cheshire in a private dedicated tattoo studio

Paul, the main tattooist, has been tattooing for over 23 years

What ever tattoo design your after, old school, black and grey, bold colour or even free hand japanese, we can accomodate any tattooing style.

We work also a lot with clients who have never had tattoos before and the tattoo studio offers a relaxed, tranquil setting to calm the nerves.

We can design and create your tattoo, however off the wall and use tattoo inks which hold to the test of time, always looking bright and bold when healed.

Internationally recognised and award winning tattoo artist Paul, can create a tattoo you'll love and with our relaxed attitude, our clients keep coming back for more.

from delicate small detail tattoos

from delicate small detail tattoos

to large freehand japanese tattoos, Bubblgum Ink ® can do it all.

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