Dog Ashes Tattoo

The ultimate respect for your best friend

Dog ashes tattoo, the ultimate memorial tattoo.


Having a Dog ashes tattoo has been in the headlines lately. Here at Bubblegum Ink, it’s us that have been making the headlines.


We had the great honour to tattoo the ashes of Treo the Hero dog into Dave Heyhoe, his handler and super hero. An ultimate dog ashes tattoo memorial.
Here at Bubblegum ink, we have known Dave personally both as a client and as a good friend. He returned from combat, war beaten and found solace with Treo in his wife Rachel’s arms. Treo was awarded the highest honour medal for valour by the army for his exploits in Afghanistan, saving, with Dave, multiple lives.

He slowly fitted back into civvy Street and found the time and fortune to write a book about the exploits of him and Treo in war torn Afghanistan. ‘It’s all about Treo’, is a fantastic, brutally honest book, where you will be riding a wave of emotions. The bond that Dave had with Treo was cellular, tighter than most families, so when he said that when the devastating day comes when Treo has to move on and protect people on the other side, then we would be honored to tattoo Treo’s ashes into him.


Treo and Dave were regular visitors to the shop and over time a great combo became good friends. So when Treo took ill, we reproached the tattoo concept. It’s a hard discussion when you know that Treo passing would devastate Dave and family. The Taliban tried everything conceivable to take out Dave and Treo, but old age holds a heavy hand and succeeded where the Taliban failed. Unfortunately Treo passed.

It’s with a heavy heart, I’ll keep writing. My dogs have played with Treo multiple times, whilst me and Dave have put the world to rights. If you’ve owned dogs then you’ll understand. There is bond so tight with your dog, where hearts are attached. Dave’s best friend has four legs and to see a good friend have no chance of stopping the inevitable is wrenching. They both saved each other’s life’s as well as each other’s souls. To say I was honored to tattoo Dave was an understatement.

We chose the place where Treo always was, both in play and in War. We got a print of Treo’s footprint from a copy Dave had given us and Dave brought the poem in.
The local paper came around on the day.
A wooden box is just a wooden box. Until, it’s got the ashes of a recognized hero in, awarded the Dickens medal of honor for Valour. Phew the start of the tattoo was a heavy time. We mixed the ashes in (see other blogs on how it’s done) and after 2 hrs. the tattoo was done. I actually believed Dave felt at ease for the first time since Treo passed. We did no more tattooing that day. Respect is an underwhelming emotion these days, but I have a great respect for Dave and Treo.


A good friend has shown the ultimate respect to his best friend.
Dave and the local community are working with the council to get a monument for a fallen hero placed in Congleton. Feel free to give to the cause.

If this style of tattooing is for you, whether your respect is for a hero, a dog, cat, horse or a person then don’t hesitate to contact Bubblegum Ink, we will treat your passed loved one with the respect that is expected and you will come out with a tattoo, where your loved one will be with you always.


We now offer this service to you any where in the world.   After years of experience in this bespoke field, we now have a website dedicated to the service of integrating your loved ones ashes into tattoo ink  This way you can get the color range of your choice, with your loved ones ashes infused in them, so you can choose your own artist to get you ultimate memorial tattoo done.

For more details go to:

Dog Ashes Tattoo Ink


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I love my dog so much


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