Bubblegum Ink Tattoo Details

Bubblegum Ink Contact Details.

5 Mill street, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1AB,

Do not hesitate to contact Bubblegum Ink if you have any questions to ask

01260 408289


Opening times

Monday – 10am – 5:00pm ish

Tuesday – 10am – 5:00pm ish

Wednesday – Closed

Thursday – 10am – 5:00pm (late night by appointment only)

Friday – 10am – 5:00pm ish

Saturday – 10am – 5:00pm ish

Sunday – Closed

For body piercing before 4pm on open days

5 Mill Street,


Across the road from Weatherspoons (The Counting House)

CW12 1AB


Above is Bubblegum Ink contact details. You can get in contact with us via facebook, phone or just popping in the shop. We get a lot of clients who pop in just to talk about possible tattoo designs or asking about cover ups, where their ‘mate has had a go’. What ever it is you want tattooing or covering, youll find our staff to be able to show you all the options you, as the client have available. We have books with designs available for you to look through and also if you bring any design or picture in, we can design you a tattoo that you’ll love. feel free, if you havn’t done already, to look over our portfolio to see what we can do for you.

Bubblegum Ink portfolio

or check out our Body Piercing page for some funky new piercing ideas.

Or if youve had enough of a tattoo and youve decided tattoo removals the direction for you then goto our page for laser tattoo removal

bubblegum ink tattoo studio