Body Piercing After Care

Body Piercing After Care

Body piercing care

– The body piercing after care  is of the up-most importance as every new piercing should be treated like a open wound.

  • Body Piercing Immediate After care – All body piercing clients will be talked thought the after care by one of our very experienced Body Piercers.

  • All piercings can swell in the first few days depending on how your body reacts, This is normal for all piercings hence the use of sterile jewellery, all of which has been sterilised with one of the top ultrasonics and autoclaves. Bubblegum Ink’s Body Piercers follow the highest standards of hygiene and piercing standards. But is it also YOU yourself, as the client’s responsibility to take as much care possible to ensure that your piercing heals well and doesn’t get infected.
  • Tongue & Lip Body Piercing Aftercare – (for outside of the lip please refer to soft tissue piercing section below) It is recommended to avoid dairy products,  alcohol (sorry!) and spicy foods for the first 2 weeks. Drinking cold drinks – preferably water will help to reduce swelling. You should rinse your mouth out with antiseptic mouthwash after each meal to prevent swelling. With a tongue piercing you should also buy a new toothbrush and brush your tongue and the bars once each day. If you experience any pain or dis-comfort then use a painkiller containing Ibuprofen such as Nurofen. Do not take Asprin as this thins the blood and will result in bleeding. A high protein diet is also recommended for the first week.
  • Navel & Soft Tissue Body Piercing AftercareSoak the piercing with mild antiseptic to remove any crusty build-ups (lymph). Then using cotton buds thoroughly clean the piercing areas. Do not clean with soap. Cleaning should be done twice a day for the first 2 weeks and once a day for 4 weeks minimum. Avoid swimming pools or hot tubs until completely healed.
  • Cartilage Body Piercing Aftercare – These piercings can take several months to heal and should be cleaned following soft tissue piercing instructions.
  • General After care for all Piercings – Resist the urge to play or touch your new piercings other than to clean it or until completely healed – you will only delay the healing process!! Keep dirty fingers and tight or dirty clothing away from a new piercing.
    We advise that you take zinc capsules (1 capsule a day with meals) to accelerate the healing process.
    Tongue and labret bars should be replaced by a shorter bar after 2-3 weeks. Navel bars can be changed after 6 months once the piercing has settled down.

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