Body Piercing

Awesome Body Piercing, by Awesome Staff


Here at Bubblegum Ink, we want your body piercing to be an individual experience.  We treat every client as an individual.  We work with you, to make sure that you get the correct piercing, for you and your body.

Our fully Council registered body piercers have been in the trade for over 15 years. We previously opening and establishing Hedonism Body Piercing in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.  We sold Hedonism on to the staff and took our tattooing and body piercing skills abroad.  Now, we’re back and offering the same quality and piercing standards at Bubblegum Ink.


We use the most modern piercing techniques, with high quality titanium body jewellery in line with the EU Nickel Directive (94/27/EEC).

We offer a full range of body piercing from facial, oral, ear work, surface bars, dermal implants.

Our aim is to ensure a friendly, welcoming environment, offering a safe and hygienic service.  This will allow you to relax and enjoy your body piercing experience.

To compliment our piercing portfolio, we also offer an extensive stock of body jewellery.

We also offer other body modification for the more adventurous of our clients.

We have a closed studio environment to allow client confidentiality at all times. Feel free to pop in for a free consultation and a cup of tea any time!

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