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Here at Bubblegum Ink, we are award winning Tattoo Studio situated in Congleton in Cheshire, we believe that being tattooed should not just be an experience, it should be a good relaxing experience.  We also offer body piercing and tattoo removal and more.

Our award winning custom artists and our friendly staff, will take time to listen to your individual requirements.  Using a combination of computerized images and custom artwork, we will find the perfect tattoo for you.


Bubblegum ink tattooist congleton

Doing it with style !

You can relax in our modern and friendly, custom built studios. We maintain the highest level of sterility and hygiene at all times.  Everything that we use with our clients is one use and disposable, to make sure that we have the highest level of sterility. Our tattoo and piercing artists are fully licensed and registered with  Environmental Health.

We specialize in custom tattoo design and are adept to all tattooing styles including ,New And Old School, Fantasy, Oriental, Tribal and Celtic, Wildlife, Black & Grey, Portraits and many more. You are welcome to bring in your own designs on paper however rough and whether you are a budding artist or not we will easily adapt your designs and ideas into a masterpiece you can be proud of. If you have no imagination what so ever, we have loads, don’t worry we will work together and get you that tattoo to be proud of.  Feel free to pop in and have a look around or even for a cup of Coffee and a chat any time.

Our Tattoo Artists Have won Various Awards for their work around the globe and have been published both in the UK mainstream tattoo magazines and the US Tattoo Magazines.

If you have had tattoo work started some where else and need it finishing off, or need an old tattoo revamped, then yet again, no problems.  If you are having a problem expanding your tattoo ideas, we can help you with this as well as we will recolour old faded tattoos as well, so come give us a visit and we will see what we can do.

Also if you have a tattoo that is half finished or needs repairing, no problems we fix tattoos from other studios or bad home tattoos every other day.


Our body piercing is second to non with the original owners of Hedonism body piercing in stoke-on-trent, bringing you body piercing with the original values, prices and quality.  We have a great selection of body piercing jewellery, from the basics to advanced body jewellery, bringing body piercing to the congleton.  We have regular clients from, crewe, macclesfield anf stoke-on-trent.  with over 20 yrs experience in the body piercing industry, you can be assured you are safe in our hands and with prices such as just £10 for a set of stud piercings, then you’ll get a fantastic piercing at a great price.

For more information on body piercing, just visit out dedicated page : Body piercing


If you’ve now tired of an old tattoo, or that drunked night tattoo in Magaluf isn’t funny anymore, then with advancements in new technology mean tattoos are no longer for ever.  Tattoo removal using advanced tattoo removal laser are now able to remove ‘that’ tattoo.  Lets be honest a bad tattoo can be an eye sore, as well as a moral drain, but when you come in for a FREE consulataion, then you are in capable hands.  We will discuss the treatment options to remove your tattoo/s and walk you through the process.  We remove a lot of tattoos from tattoo artists their self, so if they recognise who the local experts are in the industry, then you’ll be happy in our hands.  No hard sell, always getting permanent positive feedback and as most tattoo artist know, we even help them prepare their clients by fading tattoos to make sure their work has the best canvas.  If a tattoo artist send us a client for tattoo fading or tattoo removal, be assured we will hand them the client back, ready for their next masterpiece.

If you want any more advice or want a deeper understanding of tattoo removal, then just check out our dedicated page  for tattoo removal or contact the shop to discuss with us further what we can do for you.

Thats noit even the least of what we do we do in congleton, offering teeth whitening in congleton and many more services, from selective body modification to skin resurfacing.  We take great pride in whatever we offer being the best treatment option availabe for YOU 🙂


Weve been featured in the Sun newspaper, the Daily Mirror, the san franscico news and many more.

Paw hero‘s military tattoo: Owner pays tribute to bomb-hunting pooch with body art containing his ASHES


Your in safe hands 🙂



Members of our staff are proud to be Associate Members of Environmental Health, acting as consultants for Environmental Health on Tattooing and body piercing.


UK Health Centre Registered